EZMSA announced a one-time grant to practicing physicians in the zone for quality improvement (QI) initiatives in healthcare. The grants were be provided to Edmonton Zone physicians working in teams to improve quality of care, continuity of care and foster healthcare stewardship. The area of emphasis for this grant is integrated processes of care between general practitioners and specialists to enhance continuity of care, and/or address needs of vulnerable populations in primary care.


quality improvement (QI) grant
results for the year 2017

The list of eleven successful projects approved for this year's grant funding are as follows -

Lead Applicant

Dr. Terry DeFrettas

Dr. Dinesh Witharana
Dr. Ginetta Salvalaggio
Dr. Narmin Kassam

Dr. Sheny Khera

Dr. Jennifer Walker
Dr. Oleksa Rewa

Dr. Narmin Kassam
Dr. Tamizan Kherani

Dr. Suresh Nayar
Dr. Roshan Hegde



Project Title

  1. Interdisciplinary care of shoulder injuries: Improving access, quality of care for patients with prolonged shoulder pain
  2. Reconnecting rural palliative patients
  3. Optimization of hospital- primary care continuity for an inner-city patient population
  4. University of Alberta hospital general internal medicine-5D2. Inappropriate laboratory ordering
  5. Improving medication management for seniors livings with frailty in the community - quality improvement projec tin collaboration with the Edmonton Oliver primary care network
  6. Addiction and substance abuse program for students at the University of Alberta
  7. Closing the loop - enhancing communication between intensive care physicians and general practitioners for improved patient care following critical illness
  8. Access partnership project
  9. The use of team engagement and the development of clinical algorithms to improve nutritional outcomes for pediatric patients with cystic fibrosis at the Stollery children's hospital
  10. Improving quality of oral and dental health for head and neck cancer patients
  11. Changing profile and reasons for early drop out of patients attending the opiod dependancy program (ODP) in Edmonton

Congratulations to all successful grant applicants!