Council of Zonal Leaders (CoZL)

The primary function of CoZL is to be a venue for the AMA and ZMSAs Presidents to discuss and consider common issues and developments on a provincial and zonal basis, where zonal leaders can share issues and concerns, and from which the AMA may identify common themes the association can advance on behalf of members. 

Representative Forum

The Representative Forum (RF) is the governing body of the Alberta Medical Association. This group of representatives is responsible for the overall policy direction of the organization to meet the best interests of members. The RF—consisting of 125 delegates from every specialty, geographic area, medical residents, medical students, the College of Physicians & Surgeons and deans of the medical schools— meets at least twice a year.  

For a list of the delegates in your zone, click here.

Zonal Advisory Forums

The Zonal Advisory Forums (ZAF) are designed to provide the ZMSA, the AMA and AHS with a collective perspective from practising physicians about local and provincial issues. Each ZMSA is responsible for hosting two ZAFs per year (face-to-face or by electronic means) as per the Memorandum of Understanding between ZMSAs and AMA.

The ZAF is a space where ZMSA Executive and members, AHS and AMA representatives, and any other Zone representatives as necessary to create a diverse membership, meet to discuss strategic direction, policy, and emerging issues from zone level.

ZAFs are an opportunity to connect with colleagues and get informed about timely topics that are of interest to physicians. ZAFs also create the occasion for Zone physicians to connect directly with leadership at AMA and AHS, and allows AHS and AMA to gain feedback and perspective from physicians in the community.


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