ZMSAs are the regional mechanism for support for practitioners with medical staff appointments. Your ZMSA is your advocate for matters related to Medical Leadership Structure, Medical Staff Appointments, Clinical Privileges, Responsibilities and Accountability, Periodic Reviews, and Concerns.

All physicians practising within your zone are eligible to become members of your local ZMSA. You do not have to have an appointment with Alberta Health Services (AHS).

ZMSAs are equitably funded and supported (financial, in-kind and central administrative support) by the AMA and AHS, but remain independent of either organization. ZMSAs are truly grass roots or- ganizations that exist to represent all physicians. Each ZMSA has an executive committee – who are either elected or appointed – committed to ensuring local physician issues are acknowledged.

ZMSAs are actively involved in:

  • Gathering advice from zone physicians and advocating on local and zone issues

  • Meetings with Zone Medical Directors

  • Council of Zone Leaders, the primary function of which is to be a venue for the AMA and ZMSAs Presidents to discuss and consider common issues and developments on a provincial and zonal basis, where zonal leaders can share issues and concerns, and from which the AMA may identify common themes the association can advance on behalf of members.

  • Bylaws-mandated AHS committees, both Zone and provincial, such as:

    • Zone Medical Administrative Committee (ZMAC)

    • Provincial Practitioner Executive Committee (PPEC)

    • Medical Staff Bylaws and Rules Review Committee

    • Search and selection committees

  • A joint AMA-AHS Provincial Liaison Forum

  • Leading the local Zonal Advisory Forum (ZAF), designed to provide the ZMSA, the AMA and AHS with a collective perspective from practising physicians about local and provincial issues.

The current zone presidents: