(previously Clinician of the Year) is presented annually by the FMC Medical Staff Association to recognize a physician for their outstanding commitment to the patients, staff and students of Foothills Hospital and to the community they serve.

Seeking Nominations for 2018 Award!

FMC Staff Association is keeping its time honored tradition of awarding one physician with the distinction of Physician of the Year award for their outstanding service and contribution to our Foothills community.  Please take a moment to reflect on which one of your colleagues fits the bill.

The nominated physician should:

  • Be well-established in their career (with a number of years at the Foothills Medical Center).

  • Be well-respected amongst their medical and non-medical colleagues. 

  • Provide exemplary patient care while maintaining a safe and collaborative work environment.

  • Foster growth in their peers, and other staff.

  • Foster the development and growth of learners.

  • Contribute (or have contributed to) the development of educational/safety/research/quality improvement or clinical advancement.

  • Be recognized by peers as a dedicated physician.

  • Be involved, in some capacity, to the evolution and growth of their department, field, or hospital. 

Submit your nomination by telling us why you think this physician would be a good recipient of Foothills Medical Centre Physician of the Year (And list the criteria, in 300 words or less). Include the nominee’s name and department.
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Save the date! This award will be presented at the Physician of the Year Award Event on May 2, 2019.

Previous Recipients:

2004 - Dr. Harvey Rabin
2003 - Dr. Martin Labrie
2002 - Dr. Keith Brownell
2001 - Dr. John Kortbeek
2000 - Dr. Stephen K. Field
1999 - Dr. Jane B. Lemaire
1998 - Dr. J. Dean Sandham
1996 - Dr. P. Davis Elliott
1995 - Dr. E. A. Flagler
1994 - Dr. J. A. Williams
1993 - Dr. G. N. F. Hughes
1992 - Dr. N. B. Hershfield
1991 - Dr. R. E. Hatfield

2017 - Dr. Neville Galan
2016 - Dr. Nairne Scott-Douglas
2015 - Dr. W. Ward Flemons
2014 - Dr. M. Dean Traboulsi
2013 - Dr. Stephen Watson
2012 - Dr. Robert L. Cowie
2011 - Dr. Ahsan Chaudhry
2010 - Dr. Paul Beck
2009 - Dr. M. Elizabeth MacRae
2008 - Dr. Andre Ferland
2007 - Dr. David P. Archer
2006 - Dr. Lorne Price
2005 - Dr. Ronald B. Hons

Photos from the 2017 award event