President: Dr. Marie Claire Bourque, marieclaire.bourque@ahs.ca
Vice-President: Dr. Rachel Grimminck, rachel.grimminck@ahs.ca
Past President: Dr. Trevor Chan, Trevor.Chan@ahs.ca

Members at large:
Dr. Peter Jamieson
Dr. Stephen Watson
Dr. Lynn Lambert
Dr. David Ward
Dr. Brad Hunter
Dr. Larissa Seredycz
Dr. Pamella Manning
Dr. Stephen Congly


  • Seeking nominations for the 2018 FMC MSA Physician of the Year Award! To find out more information on how to nominate a fellow physician, please click here.

  • Save the date! The FMC MSA Physician of the Year Award Event will be held on May 2, 2019 in the FMC Doc’s Lounge!

  • Congratulations! The 2018 FMC MSA Service Recognition Awards were presented on September 25, 2018. Thank you to everyone who attended the event and congratulations to the deserving recipients! For more information click here.

    To view photos from the event visit our photo gallery


Lockers in the CAMSS room in the Doc's Lounge are available for CAMSS members to rent. Please contact the CAMSS Admin Office for more information or to request a locker.  

Small square $20/year
Half size $40/year
Full size $75/year (pro-rated to $40 for 6 months or less)

Administration Office: Foothills Medical Centre Medical Staff Association (FMC MSA)
310, 611 Meredith Road NE Calgary, AB  T2E 2W5
Mailing address: 350 - 611 Meredith Road NE Calgary, AB  T2E 2W5