2017 Winner - Dr. Arlie Fawcett

 Dr. Sharron Spicer (L), Dr. Arlie Fawcett & Dr. Steve Patterson   

Dr. Sharron Spicer (L), Dr. Arlie Fawcett & Dr. Steve Patterson


Nomination from Dr. Steve Patterson: "I have worked closely with Dr. Fawcett for the last six years in my role on the executive of the PLC Medical Staff Association. Dr. Fawcett has advocated strongly for mental health patients at the local, regional and provincial levels. This statement does not adequately convey the many hours of meetings within the hospital, at the Zone Medical Administrative Committee and at the AMA Representative Forum trying to increase both the awareness and resources available for these patients. She has also presented at the regional level on safety for patients and physicians within the hospital.

Dr. Fawcett has also advocated for residents and new physicians at many levels, trying to ensure that motivated and energetic doctors have the resources to provide healthcare for all Albertans.

Dr. Fawcett has motivated and inspired many physicians, myself included to be better physicians and better people. I believe she is an excellent choice for the Advocacy


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