2018 Winner

Congratulations Dr. Jane Lemaire!

Dr. Jane Lemaire holding the 2018 CAMSS Advocacy Award

Dr. Jane Lemaire holding the 2018 CAMSS Advocacy Award

Nomination #1: Dr. Jane Lemaire has devoted her career to the issue of physician wellness. Her research in the area has contributed to our understanding of the link between physician wellness and improved patient outcomes. Physician wellness is also important to establishing a respectful workplace for the entire healthcare team. Dr. Lemaire is currently the Dept Vice-Chair of Physician Wellness and Vitality within the UofC Dept of Medicine, and the Wellness Lead within the UofC W21C. She has been consulted on the topic of physician wellness by the CMA, RCPSC and AMA, and has been invited to speak on physician wellness by a number of national and international organizations. In 2016, she received the CMA Physician Misericordia Award, which recognizes contributions to physician health and wellness. More recently, she has established a Peer-Support group within the UofC Dept of Medicine, and has been a leader in the development of WellDocAlberta. She is a great advocate, role model and mentor to other physicians, and is well deserving of this award.

Nomination #2: Dr. Lemaire has spent the bulk of her professional life working in the area of physician wellness. She is Vice Chair, Physician Wellness and Vitality, Department of Medicine, University of Calgary, and also serves as Wellness Lead at W21C Research and Innovation Centre at the University of Calgary. In that role, her research focuses on identifying the determinants of healthcare provider wellness and exploring the links between this workforce’s wellness and effective healthcare systems. Through this, she is a tireless advocate and educator for all stakeholders regarding the importance of wellness. She has been recognized by the AMA and the CMA, among others, with awards for her work. A look at her Google Scholar page reveals the depth of her work. She's also someone who practices what she preaches in her own life, and as such is an example for the rest of us.


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