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Past-President - Dr. Sarah Hulland,
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50 Shades of ACH - April 27, 2017


2016 Physician of the Year Award

The awards were presented at an award event held in the Physician’s Lounge at ACH on Thursday, November 3rd. 

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Andrew Wong and Dr. Julian Midgley!

Dr. Andrew wong

Dr. Andrew wong

Dr. Wong has worked at ACH since 1986. He has dedicated his life to the care of children and has been exemplary in his treatment of patients and their families. He has been an exceptional teacher to medical students and residents. He recently developed the competency by design framework for pediatric surgery. He is an excellent leader and served as the Head of the Section of Pediatric Surgery from 1998-2008. He continues to work tirelessly and currently serves on the Surgery Strategic Clinical Network.


Dr. Sarah Hulland Presenting the award to dr. julian midgley

Dr. Sarah Hulland Presenting the award to dr. julian midgley



Dr. Midgley has been the head of the Pediatric Nephrology Division since 199, when Raymond Donckerwalcke left the department. He has seen the division grow from 2 (exhausted) members to a total of 6, and he oversees a division with the only solid organ transplant program in the hospital. The division manages a busy inpatient and outpatient service but Dr. Midgley has also been innovative with the development of joint nephrology-rheumatology and joint nephrology- urology clinics which have improved patient care in those children with these conditions. ACH was one of the first in Canada to adopt hemodiafiltration for children needing hemodialysis and was the first in the country to adopt the use of a new form of peritoneal dialysis (Adapted PD). None of these services or programs existed before Dr. Midgley became Division Head of Pediatric Nephrology.