2018 award winner!

Dr. Michelle Bailey, Department of Pediatrics

An excerpt from one of the multiple nominations received for Dr. Bailey:

As a result of Michelle’s leadership and many initiatives, when I step onto the ward to provide patient care, there isn’t a day that hasn’t been made safer or better for me as a care provider or for my patients and their families due to an initiative Michelle has led or advocated for whether it’s central line safety, better patient care hand-offs (IPASS), etc….the list is truly extensive. The ripple effect of this work culminates in so many ways, but one of the true gifts she shares is the lasting legacy of her compassion and style through how she’s role modelled leading these accomplishments. It is these qualities and gifts that are unique and striking and effectively change culture, are “infectious” and create a strong foundation to keep building on.

Congratulations Dr. Bailey!

The award was presented at the Department of Pediatrics Annual Spring Celebration on April 27, 2019.

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